H200 Now Available with our Patented Metallic Shaft


Altura home lift

H200- The Most Adaptable & Versatile Home Elevator

Elite Elevators is proud to supply TK Access Solutions most versatile home elevator to the Australian market. The H200 is powered by TK Access Solutions tried and true hydraulic drive system. Keeping every home in mind, the H200 lift is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. This makes our home elevator an adaptable solution that can be used in homes, townhouses, estates and apartment buildings, including both indoor and outdoor installations. The H200 is available with its own patented metallic elevator shaft technology or can be installed in dedicated or existing masonry shafts.

Key Features of H200

Ideal for every Australian Home

Altura home lift

Smooth from Start to Finish

All H200 elevators are fitted with TK Access Solutions soft start and stop devices as standard. A separate, dedicated motor is fitted to the system to ensure a smooth ride without the bumps and jolts of regular elevators. This patented feature guarantees a smooth and seamless ride from one floor of your home to the next.

Easy to Install

The H200 home elevator was designed with the unique requirements of individual Australian homes in mind. Available in a wide range of configurations and access options, the H200 can be installed with just a few days of work. When installed in its own elevator shaft, the installation process requires little or no construction work at all. We make life easy by offering the H200 in eight standard sizes, or it can be customised to suit your exact home and needs.

Altura home lift
Altura home lift

Greaseless Rails

TK Access Solutions home elevators differentiate themselves with a higher standard of engineering. Making use of a special greaseless rail system, the hydraulic drive of the H200 requires no oil or grease to operate properly. The greaseless rails remain slick on their own, they don’t attract any dirt or dust and they require much less maintenance than traditional oiled systems.

Power Efficiency

Elite Elevators’ home lifts operate on standard single phase power and consume no power while descending. Infact, the H200 only consumes the same amount of power as a small air conditioning unit. The ease of installation, decreased maintenance requirements and low-power hydraulic drive deliver greater savings for our customers, making the H200 a popular and eco-friendly elevator.

Altura home lift
Altura home lift

Safety in our DNA

The H200 is Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certified. SIL certifications are a measure of how many safety systems are installed on a device and how effective they are at detecting and preventing failures. These certifications are commonplace in many industries, and a SIL 3 certification is similar to requirements for nuclear power plants. TK Access Solutions range of home elevators have been designed from the ground up for safety, making the H200 the safest home lift in the world.

Design Your Own Home Lift

We understand that every home has different needs and styling requirements. Therefore, customers can choose from a wide variety of H200 cabins and finishes that suit their individual needs and help our elevators fit seamlessly into their homes. Our team will make every effort to accommodate your design needs and deliver a H200 lift that suits your home and its styling.

Altura home lift

H200 Elegance

Walls – Choice of high pressure laminates in different textures & colours and effects

Floor – Stone, carpet or vinyl floorings in a range of colors

Mirror – Slim Vertical, Half Wall or Full Wall

Slim vertical, half wall or full wall options.

Handrail – Stainless steel or gold

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