German Engineered. Italian Made. Australian Delivered.


German Engineered. Italian Made. Australian Delivered.


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Elite Elevators Corporation is a home lifts company based in Victoria. Servicing homes across Australia, we provide a range of residential Lifts that are suitable for everything from small homes to townhouses, villas, apartment buildings and luxury estates. We utilise the latest in home lifts technology, including gearless, Cogbelt and hydraulic lifts that offer compact and flexible installation options

In a short space of time, Elite Elevators has established itself as a leading supplier of home elevators in Australia. The products we work with are designed and manufactured by TK Access Solutions in their Italian facility, and are certified by the independent body TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD certification ensures our products comply with stringent European safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind for our customers.

The TK Access Solutions home lifts we supply are the perfect solution for both new home builds and existing homes. Our residential lifts are tailor-made to fit your property without the need for deep pits, bulky elevator shafts or complex machine rooms. Because our lifts are specifically designed for residential use, they can be incorporated into your home, townhouse or apartment building easily.

TÜV SÜD Certified Home Elevators

Elite Elevators offers high-end TÜV SÜD Certified home elevators across Australia. We teamed up with TK Access Solutions, a global manufacturer of home lifts to provide the world’s best residential lifts solutions to the Australian market.

TK Access Solutions is a German-based multinational company which was established in 1811, giving them more than 200 years of experience in delivering engineering solutions. TK Access Solutions is one of the largest global business conglomerates, employing more than 180,000 people to produce an annual revenue of €42.7 billion. Involved in a variety of industrial engineering sectors, TK Access Solutions is known for the

Elite Elevators Corporation Pty Ltd are the business partners of the Residential Lifts in Australia, that are manufactured by TK Access Solutions.

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TK Access Solutions
Since 1811

Elite Elevators, in association with TK Access Solutions, introduces the world’s best home elevator solutions. Our hydraulic elevators redefine comfort, luxury and elegance.

Gearless home elevators are based on compact motors with high efficiency and high torque which completely eliminates the need for complex gearing and built-in machine rooms.


With a smooth ride and choice of elegant styling options, the H100 domestic lift brings a touch of luxury living to any building.

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Experience luxury with the H200, TK Access Solution’s most versatile home lift that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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With completely silent operation, the H300 domestic lift offers the very best in comfort and elegant styling that matches your home.

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What to Expect


Experience Luxury with the Elegance Cabin

With the newly launched Elegance cabin options from TK Access Solutions, we’ve taken our elevator designs to a whole new level. Elegance cabins blend seamlessly with your interior aesthetic and give your home the high-end touch you’ve always dreamed about. Featuring a vast array of design options, our Elegance cabins can be tailored to suit your home, needs and styling.

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Advanced technology for reliable and affordable operation and maintenance.

No need for lubrication.

Comfortable and gentle operation with simple controls that respond quickly.

YSilent operation maintains the peace and quiet of your home.

Long service life delivers easy and safe home transport for years to come.

  • Power efficiency – 100%
  • Space efficiency – 100%
  • Wide range of sizes – 100%
  • Customized solutions – 100%
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