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Home Lifts in Gawler

In association with TK Access Solutions, Germany, Elite Elevators Corporation brings to Australian homes luxury German home elevators. Headquartered in Victoria, Southbank, we are operational across the Australian continent. Engineered in Germany after decades of research and development, our home elevators are steeped in the glorious history of Italian design and German engineering. Each home elevator from our range is a testament to the skill and prowess of advanced technology and is made to suit the varying needs of different homes. The entire range is TUV SUD certified and is manufactured at our partner's facility, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy.

Home elevators not only bring comfort and convenience to lives but also future-proof your home for when you reach old age. Home elevators are especially useful when members of the home are older and cannot rely on their bodies alone to carry them up and down stairs. In such instances, it actually becomes a detriment to their health and well-being as there are chances of slipping-related accidents occurring.

Our Scintillating Home Lift Range - The E Series

Premium Home Lifts

E100 Home lifts

E100 - This compact home lift is a marvel of engineering. It combines modern elevator technology with an age-old vertical transport model to offer a home mobility solution for tight spaces. The E100 home lift is a platform lift that is enclosed by a metallic shaft. It is wheelchair-friendly and operates on spindle technology. Offering users a safe, quiet and luxurious ride, it is perfect for small homes. Requiring a pit of only 50 mm, this home lift really does not need a lot of space for installation.


  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • No Machine Room Required
  • Patented Soft Start & Stop Technology
  • Wheelchair-Friendly
  • Hold-To-Run Operation
  • Customisable
  • 3-Day Installation
  • Minimal Civil Work

E200- The Most Adaptable & Versatile Home Elevator

E200 - The E200 hydraulic lift from TK Access Solutions is our most versatile and adaptable model yet. Operating on an enhanced hydraulic drive, the E200 hydraulic lift for homes does not offer any of the unpleasant experiences usually associated with a hydraulic lift. Instead, it offers users a smooth, gentle, bump-free and level ride - something you cannot find in a conventional hydraulic home lift. Simply put, the E200 is luxury at its finest.


  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • No Pit, Machine Room or Headroom Required
  • Patented Soft Start & Stop Technology
  • 5 Embedded Safety Layers
  • Customisable Interiors
  • 3-Day Installation
  • Patented Greaseless Rail Technology
  • Oil Replacement Only Once in Ten Years
Stylish Home Lifts
Elegant Home Lifts

E300, The World's Best Home Elevator

E300 - The E300 home lift from TK Access Solutions is a celebration of powerful German technology. It uses the patented Cog Belt drive , making E300 a masterpiece. The cog belt in this home lift is twenty times stronger than conventionally used ropes, cables and chains. This quality makes the E300 home lift durable, dependable and very safe. It offers users the best in all respects - Best speed, Best gentleness, supreme performance and the best sophistication.


  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • No Pit, Machine Room or Headroom Required
  • Patented Soft Start & Stop Technology
  • 5 Embedded Safety Layers
  • Customisable Interiors
  • 3-Day Installation

Hear From our Happy Clients

Mike Schneider

Terrific product & great service. The lift came with our new home and it's a fantastic way to move people and things & the service provided is excellent

Ted Brincat

German design, Italian built and Australian installation to a high standard.

James Clark

Great customer service, Josh is very easy to deal with a very streamline process of purchasing a lift for our home. Heard of the company via word of mouth and very happy I chose Elite elevators for my house. very luxury finish and great technology.

Bryan Clements

Lift installed by Jack Venter of Vast Elevators. Excellent tradesman, communication, attention to detail, care of property, courtesy. Our builder stated "I would work with him any time. And he really knows his stuff.


Our Home Elevators Advantage

German Technology Home Lifts

Powerful German Technology

Creating ordinary and run-of-the-mill residential lifts is just not our thing. The problem with the ordinary is that there is a mundanity to it that makes it just like the others.

Low Maintenance Residential Lifts

Low Maintenance

Scheduling frequent maintenance services for your residential lifts can not only be time-consuming but also extremely annoying. This process is not only a call for an intrusion into your privacy but can cause a strain on your bank balance in the long run.

Low Power Consumption Home Lifts

Low Electricity Consumption

Our home elevators are the greenest in Gawler and play an integral role in helping individual homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. They operate on a standard single-phase power supply and consume no power while descending.

Modern Home Elevators

Increases Property Value

Since our home elevators are made from the choicest of materials and technologies, they aren't just regular purchases - they're lifetime investments.

Lifts for Homes

Completely Knocked Down

Our home elevators are delivered to your home in Gawler from Italy in a semi-assembled structure. This delivery model helps us maintain the original manufacturing quality of our home elevators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Elevators Corporation has its head office with a home elevator experience centre in Victoria, Southbank. We have two offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Apart from these locations, we are operational across Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Hobart, Gold Coast, Darwin and Canberra. For more information, please visit www.eliteelevators.au or ring us at 1300 319 878.
Home lifts can be installed in any private residence where the total number of users is limited to 4-5 people. An Elite home lift can be installed at private residences such as townhouses, bungalows, villas, mansions, luxury estates, low-rise buildings, condos and penthouses. To ascertain if your home is feasible for an Elite home lift installation, call us at 1300 319 878. We will arrange a complimentary feasibility study for your home.

Home lifts are safe to use as they are built especially for domestic use. However, it is important to do your due diligence before you purchase any home lift. You have to check if they abide by home safety regulations as mandated by the local, regional and national laws of your country. You need to ask the elevator manufacturer what special mechanisms or tools are in place if there is a power failure or mechanical failure while the home elevator is in use.

At Elite Elevators Corporation, we take the safety of our users seriously. To this effect, we can state that our home lifts are certified as safe by TUV SUD, Germany and Safety Integrity Level 3. They comply with European home safety codes such as machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. They also comply with Australian safety codes and are approved by Australian authorities.

As for the safety mechanisms in the home lifts, there are 5. These 5 safety layers are embedded in the home lift and are required to be present by European law. There are two automatic rescue devices, a mechanical button, an emergency door key and a trapdoor. With so many advanced safety features in place, there is no doubt that our home lifts are the safest in Gawler.

Home elevators in Gawler cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. This ballpark figure depends on a myriad of factors. A basic home elevator can cost up to $50,000. Interior customisations, the number of stops, safety features, operating technology, country of origin and add-ons have a definite sway on the final cost of home elevators in Gawler.

A home lift consumes about 1.1 - 1.5 kWh of electricity. Elite Elevators Corporation's home lifts consume about 1.45 kWh of electricity in total when in use. They operate on a standard single-phase power supply and consume 0 kWh of electricity during descent. This puts their electricity consumption on the same level as a half-ton air conditioning unit or a microwave oven.

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