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The Best Hydraulic Lifts For Homes in Gawler

The hydraulic lifting mechanism has been used since the mid-19th century. It was initially used at docks to transport heavy loads onto waiting ships. As time progressed, the hydraulic mechanism was implemented into elevator technology. The modern hydraulic lift is the most common type of lift in the world today. Hydraulic lifts aren't just popular in the public sphere; they're gaining far-reaching notoriety for their use in private spaces as well.

The ingenuity of this mechanism lies in the way it works. A hydraulic mechanism in a home lift requires four components: one small piston, one large piston, hydraulic fluid and a lift car. Applying Pascal's principle of fluid mechanics, the pressure that is generated by the small piston with the hydraulic fluid is transferred to the larger area via the larger piston. Any object or load attached to the larger piston is lifted. Since the lift car is attached to the larger piston, the force that was generated by the small piston propels it upwards. On releasing the hydraulic fluid, the pressure comes down and so does the lift car. This is a simple but effective way of transporting people.

High End Designs of Hydraulic Home Lift in Gawler

Revolutionising Home Technologies, One Elevator At A Time

Elite Elevators Corporation is a home elevator company with headquarters in Victoria, Southbank. We are the authorised global partners of TK Access Solutions one of the world's largest and most advanced mobility manufacturers in the world. Our sophisticated home elevator range is not just a lesson in premium German engineering and technology but a masterful ode to Italian design and manufacturing. Every home elevator from our collection is manufactured at our partner's facility, TK Home Solutions, Srl, in Pisa, Italy.

Naturally, with such grand origins, there is no doubt that our home elevators are the most ingenious not just in Australia but the world over. Elite Elevators Corporation has secondary offices in Brisbane and Sydney with operations across Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast and Canberra.

Hydraulic Lifts For Homes By TK Access Solutions, Germany

At Elite Elevators Corporation, we have a brilliant take on the hydraulic lift concept: our very own first-of-its-kind hydraulic lift called the E200. this hydraulic lift for homes in Gawler is the best not just because it is German-backed but because it differs from conventional hydraulic drives in a key aspect. It is the very hydraulic drive itself!

Now, conventional hydraulic home elevators are great but they have certain unpleasant aspects in common. Jerky and uneven landing, grating sound, bumpy rides and grease accumulation are aspects that come standard with hydraulic home elevators. These aspects are a part of the elevator drive itself and so far many have been unsuccessful in trying to eliminate them.

However, the engineers at TK Access Solutions, our partner company, have completely given the old hydraulic drive a 180-degree overhaul. With our E200 home elevator, the experience from start to finish is nothing short of bliss. A smooth, gentle, bump-free and noiseless ride experience is the norm with the E200 home elevator. How have they managed to achieve this never-before-done feat? Well, we've got to say that this is a mixture of pure skill and German engineering. The two hero ingredients in a truly innovative and enhanced hydraulic drive.

Luxury Hydraulic Home Lifts for Homes in Gawler

Exclusive Features of E200 Hydraulic Residential Lifts

Patented Soft Start and Stop (SSS) Technology

This patented technology is one of the two reasons the E200 residential lift offers smooth-as-butter performance. Beginning and ending your lift ride experience with a jerk and uneven landing is not a good feeling. To eliminate this feeling and add luxury, TK Access Solutions came up with the brilliant idea of the soft start and stop device. Attached to the residential lift's motor, this device is responsible for the smooth and gentle ride of the E200.

Patented Greaseless Rail (GLR) Technology

Conventional residential lifts require grease or oil to lubricate the rails of the lift car. Over time, these lubricants attract dust and cause a great impact on the shape of the lift and contribute to its declining performance. To prevent this from happening, TK Access Solutions invented the greaseless rail technology. This patented technology uses self-lubricating materials in the rails. As a result, no dust and grease form, adding to the luxurious performance and longevity of the E200 residential lift.

Enhanced Hydraulic Drive

The hydraulic drive that powers the E200 has been enhanced by TK Access Solutions to offer a luxurious feel and performance. This is the second aspect that allows the E200 home lift to provide a smooth ride to users. The enhanced hydraulic drive has none of the inconveniences of the regular hydraulic drive. Instead, users get a gentle, smooth and noiseless performance. This has not been replicated in any other hydraulic drive in the world.

Oil Replacement Only Once in Ten Years

At TK Access Solutions, every component of the lift is manufactured in-house. The components form a cohesive unit and are made for each other. They are not a mishmash of assembled materials. Therefore, the hydraulic oil used in the E200 is not prone to leakage and can last for a solid ten years. Only after ten years does it need replacement. This feature makes the E200 home lift a low-maintenance model.

5 Safety Layers

As mandated by European home safety regulations, our E200 hydraulic lift comes embedded with 5 safety layers. These safety mechanisms are in place so that they can be accessed without hassle in the event of a power failure or a mechanical failure. Every E200 hydraulic lift comes standard with two automatic rescue devices, one mechanical key, one mechanical button and a trapdoor. These layers can be accessed by users easily and make the E200 one of the safest hydraulic lifts available.

Safety Certifications & Code Compliance of the E200 Home Lift


TUV is a high-ranking independent German regulatory body that tests the quality and safety of products. Any product that carries a TUV badge means that it is of superior quality and passes all safety requirements. The E200 hydraulic lift is TUV SUD certified.


A Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification denotes that our E200 hydraulic lift complies with over 194 parameters of safety. This proves that our hydraulic home lift is safe for domestic use and even kids and the elderly at home can use it unassisted.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

The first of two European home safety codes, the machinery directive 2006/42/EC compliance is mandated by EU law for a home elevator. This code compliance denotes that the E200 home elevator is fit for residential use.

British Standard & European Norm 81-41

The second European home safety standard, the BS EN 81-41 code is another mandatory home elevator sta ndard. Compliance with this code means that the E200 home elevator is approved for domestic use.

Hear From our Happy Clients

Mike Schneider

Terrific product & great service. The lift came with our new home and it's a fantastic way to move people and things & the service provided is excellent

Ted Brincat

German design, Italian built and Australian installation to a high standard.

James Clark

Great customer service, Josh is very easy to deal with a very streamline process of purchasing a lift for our home. Heard of the company via word of mouth and very happy I chose Elite elevators for my house. very luxury finish and great technology.

Bryan Clements

Lift installed by Jack Venter of Vast Elevators. Excellent tradesman, communication, attention to detail, care of property, courtesy. Our builder stated "I would work with him any time. And he really knows his stuff.


The Elite Guarantee

Smooth and Quiet Hydraulic Home Lifts
Low Maintenance

The patented greaseless rail technology along with the once-in-ten-years oil replacement feature makes the E200 home lift very low maintenance. Standard maintenance services are required and are needed only once yearly as opposed to twice yearly as is the norm with conventional home lifts.

Low power Hydraulic Home Lifts Consumption
Low Electricity Consumption

Our E200 home lift does not consume too much energy. It operates on a standard single-phase power supply and consumes 0 kW during descent. In total, the E200 home lift consumes close to 1.45 kW of electricity. This is equivalent to the power consumption of a microwave oven.

Space Saving Home Elevator
Minimal Civil Work

The E200 hydraulic lift is a space-efficient model. It does not need a separate pit excavation, machine room or headroom. As a result, it can be installed with minimal civil work in homes.

E200 hydraulic Home Elevator
Completely Knocked Down (CKD)

The E200 hydraulic lift is delivered to your home in Gawler in a CKD or semi-assembled state. This means that our installation team can install it quickly within three days while retaining the original manufacturing quality of the E200.

Compact Hydraulic Home Elevator

Every home might not require or have the space for a standard-sized residential lift. To ensure that we use the space in your home optimally, our technical team measures the dimensions of your proposed residential lift. The same is sent to our partner's factory in Italy where your residential lift is made according to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydraulic lifts in Gawler cost anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000. The final cost of the hydraulic lift differs from brand to brand. Additionally, factors such as the number of stops, customisations, size, country of origin, installation cost, transportation costs and taxes have a direct impact on the final cost of hydraulic lifts for homes in Gawler.
Elite Elevators Corporation is the best hydraulic home lift company in Gawler. They are the official global partners of TK Access Solutions, Germany. Their premium hydraulic home lifts offer the most luxurious ride to users. Operating on an enhanced hydraulic drive, the hydraulic home lift is equipped with 14 unique patented mechanisms so that users are indulged with a lift ride that is out of this world.

Hydraulic lifts are very safe for homes. The primary reason is that the lift cab is not suspended in the hoistway via ropes, cables or chains. Instead, it is held up by a hydraulic arm and is not prone to freefall.

Elite Elevators Corporation's hydraulic lift, the H200, is safe for domestic use. It is certified by international organisations such as TUV SUD and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. It is also compliant with European home safety codes such as machinery directive 2006/42/EC and BS EN 81-41. And lastly, it is embedded with 5 safety layers that can be accessed in emergencies.

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