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Safety immediately jumps to our conscious thought while using any lift. Our concern increases tenfold when the same appliance is used in our homes. This is because residential lifts are used by our loved ones. So it is only natural to feel concerned for their safety and well-being when they use a residential lift. In private spaces, it is also not feasible or wise to have a dedicated elevator operator as this may be an intrusion of privacy in our most intimate spaces.

It, therefore, becomes a necessity to choose a residential lift manufacturer who places the safety of their users at the pinnacle of their operations. Getting stranded between floors due to an unexpected power outage or mechanical failure is sure to leave a sour taste in the mouth. It becomes vital, then, to check if the residential lift you plan to invest in has a necessary set of prerequisites.

Your search for the safest home elevators in Albany ends with Elite Elevators Corporation. Our home elevators have been awarded the World's Safest Home Elevators in 2021. They are of international make and origin and are manufactured under a strict set of consumer safety guidelines. We will be discussing our safety credentials in detail later. But first, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Safety Certifications

Our home lifts have been certified as safe by these international bodies


TUV is an independent German organisation that checks the quality and safety of products. It is a widely well-known standards organisation and carries a great level of consumer trust. Getting your product approved by TUV marks a historical moment for your company because it means that your product's quality and safety are of the highest international standards. Every home lift from our collection has been certified as safe by TUV SUD. This makes them the safest home lifts in Albany.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3

The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 is a test. Your product passes through several safety criteria tests. The more safety criterion your product successfully passes, the higher your safety integrity level is. The third level of the safety integrity test is usually awarded to nuclear power plants. However, our home lifts have also been awarded the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification. This certification seals the deal on the mark of safety you will find in our home lifts.

Safety Code Compliance

Our residential lifts comply with two European home safety codes that are mandated by EU and British safety legislation.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Compliance with this home safety code is mandatory for all residential lifts that are bought and sold in Europe. Since our residential lifts are made in Italy, they comply with this home safety code.

British Standard & European Norm 81-41

Products that adhere to this home safety code are fit for residential use. Our residential lifts comply with BS EN 81-41.

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Reliable During Power Cuts

Getting stranded between floors or suddenly halting while the home elevator was just functional is the stuff of nightmares. When faced with this scenario, chances are you'll feel claustrophobia creeping in or you might start to panic. Keeping all these instances in mind, the expert engineers have got not one but two solutions. Our home elevators are designed to be dependable during a power outage or failure. There are two automatic rescue devices embedded in every Elite home elevator.

In the event of a power failure, the primary automatic rescue device turns on. This is nothing but a fully-charged battery that supplies power to the home elevator's motor. Should the primary one fail for whatever reason, we have a secondary rescue device to back up the first one. With these sure-fire automatic tools available, there is no chance of fearing power cuts while using our home elevators.

Advanced Error Notification System (E300)

This special feature is only available in our E300 gearless CogBelt home elevators. The purpose of the Advanced Error Notification System (AENS) is to notify users of immediate and pressing concerns that are plaguing the home elevator. Once you get this notification, you are expected to arrange a technician visit so that the problem can be solved. If you do not heed the alarm for a particular period, the home elevator will shut down and descend to the lowest floor. It will not power back on unless the alerted issue has been taken care of

This smart technology allows you to be safe before any mechanical problem arises in the home elevator. If you use the home elevator in the event of such a failure, your chances of getting stuck inside the home elevator are high. To prevent this from happening and to keep you safe, the AENS shuts down the home elevator. This handy tool also keeps you from logging false complaints.

Smart Residential Lifts for Albany

5 Embedded Safety Layers

In the event of a power outage or a mechanical failure, these 5 safety layers that are embedded in our home lifts can be accessed automatically or manually.

Primary Automatic Rescue Device

This is a built-in emergency battery that comes standard with every Elite home lift. If the home lift detects a power failure, this device is switched on automatically until the power resumes. If the home lift is in descent, you won't notice any difference as our home lifts do not consume power while descending. If you are ascending, the home lift will come to a stop and you can choose to get off at your desired level.

Secondary Automatic Rescue Device

The engineers at TK Access Solutions have added an extra layer of protection by installing a secondary rescue device. This device is present to act as a substitute if the primary rescue device fails. The knowledge of this device has come as a relief to many of our customers.

Mechanical Button:

If both batteries fail to work, we have another solution that comes to your aid. There is a small button on the power pack of the home elevator. You simply need to press the button and it will descend to the desired level.

Manual Key

If the above three methods were to fail, there is still another option you can make use of. Every home elevator comes with a manual key. This key can be used to open the doors of the home elevator if the above methods fail.


In the worst-case scenario, if all four safety mechanisms cease to function or be of any practical help, there is a trapdoor located on top of the home elevator. Since we don't supply air conditioning to the elevator shaft, there is no chance of getting electrocuted if one were to step on live wires. This is the last resort safety mechanism present in our home elevators.

Hear From our Happy Clients

Mike Schneider

Terrific product & great service. The lift came with our new home and it's a fantastic way to move people and things & the service provided is excellent

Ted Brincat

German design, Italian built and Australian installation to a high standard.

James Clark

Great customer service, Josh is very easy to deal with a very streamline process of purchasing a lift for our home. Heard of the company via word of mouth and very happy I chose Elite elevators for my house. very luxury finish and great technology.

Bryan Clements

Lift installed by Jack Venter of Vast Elevators. Excellent tradesman, communication, attention to detail, care of property, courtesy. Our builder stated 'I would work with him any time. And he really knows his stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, home lifts are meant to be safe as they will be used by all members of a home from small kids to aged members. However, it is important to screen your elevator manufacturer for certain safety prerequisites before purchasing a home lift.
Elite Elevators Corporation has the safest home lifts in Albany. Their home lifts come embedded with 5 safety layers that can be accessed during emergencies. They are also compliant with European home safety codes such as machinery directive 2006/42/EC and British Standard and European Norm 81-41. To top this impressive list off, they even have safety certifications from TUV SUD, Germany and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

Yes, hydraulic lifts are safe. They can be used safely at home too. The hydraulic lift car is not suspended in the hoistway with ropes, cables or chains. It is held by a hydraulic arm and is not prone to freefall. These reasons make the hydraulic lift a safe investment for homes.

Yes, they matter. A safety certification, especially one from reputable international bodies, is evidence that a home lift is of the safest standards. Elite Elevators Corporation's home lifts have a TUV SUD and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification. This denotes that their home lifts are found to be of the highest quality and safety. Certifications from the above organisations mean that their home lifts have been tested across 194 parameters of safety.

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