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Price of Home Elevators in Thuringowa

Elevators have become the norm for convenient access to a building today. we've been able to create systems that aren't just comfortable but are quite modular. all Thanks to this global revolution, people also want to experience the same comfort while accessing their homes. There are many reasons why we may wish to install home elevators. Future-proofing, convenience, aged parents, family members with limited mobility or tall homes with twisting staircases.

With advancements in technology, house lifts come in all shapes and sizes. They can be basic or ultra-modern. Depending on your preferences and needs, you may choose either one of these options for your home. One major factor that plays a significant role in this decision is the price of home elevators. We can pin the price of home elevators in Thuringowa at a range between $25,000 to $150,000 or even more. There are a number of factors that go into determining the price of a home elevator. Dimensions, technology, add-ons, number of stops and country of origin are several factors that impact the cost of home elevators.

Who We Are

We are Elite Elevators Corporation, a Victoria-based premium home lift company in Thuringowa. A reputable name in the luxury home lift segment, we are the authorised global partners of TK Access Solutions, Germany. focused on creating innovative elevators and elevator technologies.

Elite Elevators Corporation offers premium home lifts, hydraulic home lifts and gearless CogBelt home lifts to homes in Thuringowa. They are manufactured at our partner's special factory, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy. Our home elevators are equipped with the best of German engineering and Italian design. They are certified by international organisations such as TUV SUD and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. Additionally, they comply with European home safety codes machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41.

As mentioned earlier, multiple aspects go into and change the cost of house lifts. To accurately gauge and understand this phenomenon, we've put together a list of factors that influence the price of house lifts.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Cost of House Lifts?

Operating Drive

An operating drive is a principal mechanism that allows your home lift to work. Simply put, it is through this mechanism that the lift is put into motion. The quality and components of an operating drive affect accompanying features such as maintenance, electricity consumption, safety and overall performance. Since it happens to be such a crucial component of a home lift, it greatly influences its cost. Different operating drives cost a different amount. At Elite Elevators Corporation, there are three drives that you can choose from: the compact lift drive, the hydraulic drive and the CogBelt drive.

Compact Lift Drive

Seen in our compact home lift, the E100, this drive is an uncomplicated yet effective drive in our range. The E100 home lift is suitable for homes where there are space constraints. The engineers at TK Access Solutions devised an ingenious solution for compact homes. They used the existing technology of the platform lift that is widely used by wheelchair users and enclosed it with their patented metallic and glass shaft. This happens to be our most space-efficient home lift. The drive of this compact lift affects the final cost of home lifts in Thuringowa.

Hydraulic Drive

The hydraulic drive is another drive that is used in our residential lifts. Specifically, it is used in the E200 or the residential lift. This drive has none of the inconveniences that are usually present in conventional hydraulic lifts. This is because we wanted to create a user experience that was superior and indulgent. Since the conventional hydraulic drive countered our aim, we did away with those elements that made it inconvenient while retaining the basic operating mechanism. Our enhanced hydraulic drive offers a smooth, bump-free and noiseless ride synonymous with luxury. As a result, the price of a hydraulic drive is different.

CogBelt Drive

An original creation of TK Access Solutions, the patented CogBelt drive from our range is one for the history books. Used to operate our most lavish residential lift the E300, this drive works on cogged belts. The cogged belts in this residential lift have been designed for durability and resilience. As a result, they are twenty times stronger than ropes, cables or chains - which are the mainstays in other elevator drives. The presence of this uber-cool technology makes the CogBelt drive and the E300 residential lift 7 years ahead of others globally. Naturally, the price of this residential lift differs accordingly.

Number of Stops

In a home elevator, the number of stops that a lift should make affects its final cost. If you want a home elevator installed in your three-storey home, the number of stops that it should make in total will be four. This includes the three storeys and the ground floor. Another important aspect of stops is that home elevators can be feasible for installation only up to a particular height. Therefore, you must check with your elevator manufacturer if a home elevator with a particular number of stops is feasible for your home. As for the price, well, it is proportionate to the number of stops in your home elevator.


The outer structure of a home elevator is relevant to the final cost. This outer structure supports and holds home elevators in place. This outer structure is also referred to as a shaft. Elite Elevators Corporation has two choices when it comes to the outer structure. Depending on this choice, the cost of your home elevator will change.

With a Shaft

In this option, you do not need any supporting walls, columns or beams at the home elevator installation site. This is because the home elevator is delivered and installed with its own supporting structure. Our home elevators come with a patented metallic shaft. This option affects the final cost of your home elevator.

Without a Shaft

In this option, your home elevator installation site must have a pre-existing shaft. This shaft will support your home elevator. If you do not have one, you can build either a brick or a concrete shaft. The procedure and cost of this shaft are independently arranged by you. If you opt for this option, the cost of the home elevator changes accordingly.


Some companies offer you the option to customise various aspects of your house lift. These customisations influence the final cost of your house lifts. At Elite Elevators Corporation, we offer various aspects for customisations.


You can choose how many doors you want your house lift to have and which sides the doors can be accessed from. You can even choose the type of door: swing doors or automatic sliding doors.


If you want your home elevator to have a panoramic view, we can customise it accordingly with our premium glass walls. We even have the option of a blind view where the walls of the lift cabin can be steel or wood-panelled.

Flooring & Ceiling

You can customise the flooring of your Elite home elevator with marble flooring, carpeted flooring or any material of your choice. The ceiling can be customised with our wide range of LED lights in different designs.

Hear From our Happy Clients

Mike Schneider

Terrific product & great service. The lift came with our new home and it's a fantastic way to move people and things & the service provided is excellent

Ted Brincat

German design, Italian built and Australian installation to a high standard.

James Clark

Great customer service, Josh is very easy to deal with a very streamline process of purchasing a lift for our home. Heard of the company via word of mouth and very happy I chose Elite elevators for my house. very luxury finish and great technology.

Bryan Clements

Lift installed by Jack Venter of Vast Elevators. Excellent tradesman, communication, attention to detail, care of property, courtesy. Our builder stated 'I would work with him any time. And he really knows his stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions

The price of compact or small home lifts in Thuringowa differs from brand to brand. However, the ballpark figure can be anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. Factors such as operating technology, customisations, country of origin and safety features affect the final cost.
The cost of hydraulic lifts in Thuringowa ranges from $25,000 to $75,000. The cost of hydraulic lifts for homes changes accordingly. If you want a basic hydraulic lift with minimal features, you can expect to find one within or below the stipulated price range. However, if you want a hydraulic lift that offers premium performance and is feature-loaded, you can find them within this range. The price might be more for some brands depending on other factors.

Luxury home lifts are loaded with premium features and specs. Therefore, they can be a bit pricey but they are absolutely worth the investment. The price of luxury home lifts in Thuringowa can range from $60,000 to $150,000. The more premium and luxurious the specs, the more the price will shift in this range.

The average cost of home lifts in Thuringowa can vary between the price bracket of $25,000 to $75,000. The more basic and ordinary the home lift is, the lesser will be the cost. Similarly, if the home lift has luxury features and patented technology, the price of such home lifts is generally higher.

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