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Considered a luxury once upon a time, lifts, especially home lifts, are now becoming an indispensable part of our lifestyles. Home lifts enhance our lives by making it easy to access the top levels of our homes. They are a boon, especially to members of the family who are either aged, injured, have health issues or have low mobility. Therefore, it becomes all-important to purchase a home elevator from a trusted home lift company. A home lift is responsible for safely transporting you and your loved one in your home. So it becomes a matter of responsibility to choose well and choose wisely. After all, a home lift is not just a mere purchase - it is an investment.

A reputable name in the luxury home lift industry, Elite Elevators Corporation is a Victoria-based company with offices in Sydney and Brisbane. We offer premium home lifts, hydraulic lifts and gearless home lifts to private luxury residences across Australia. We are the authorised global partners of TK Access Solutions Our premium home lifts are manufactured at our partner's special factory, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy. Powered by revolutionary German technology and Italian design, our home lifts are the most preferred home accessibility solutions worldwide.

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Our Home Lifts Company Offers German-Engineered Solutions

In the mid-1800s, Germany emerged as the leader in the industrial revolution due to the abundance of iron and steel in the country. This new-found manna from heaven created a demand for skilled technical workers for Germany's rapidly expanding industries. Britain was already leading the industrial revolution - the Germans learnt from Britain's findings and made everything better. After a point, they established themselves at the forefront of brilliant technological inventions. This perfectionist culture, which is prevalent in German companies even after two centuries, has resulted in Germany evolving as the number one manufacturer of cutting-edge technology - with home elevators being one such industry.

This rich history is what makes the home elevators from our partner TK Access Solutions spectacular. They are spectacular in design, mechanism, technology, safety and performance. When you step into our home elevators and ride in them for the first time, you'll get what we're talking about. Our engineers' research and methodology are renowned for precision and sharp attention to detail. They have equipped our home elevators with original, patented and inventive operating technologies and mechanisms. This is what makes our home elevators a class apart from others. You'll be hard-pressed to experience the same blissful feeling our home elevators impart in any other home elevator.

Striking Italian Design & Manufacturing

When it comes to the wonder our home elevators produce, we have the lasting impact of one more cultural revolution to thank. The artistic revolution, the most notable being the Renaissance, that swept through Italy between the 11th and 16th centuries established the country as a global hub of design. Naturally, this legacy of immaculate design was carried forward into technological products as well. Additionally, to our benefit, Italy is known for its elevator manufacturing standards.

These aspects are efficiently executed in our residential lifts as well. Our residential lifts are manufactured at our partner's factory, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy. The craftsmanship of our residential lifts is par excellence. The effect our residential lifts have on onlookers is one of open admiration. And the best part is that they aren't just boxy dull steel contraptions. Our residential lifts are designed in finishes and textures that complement your décor and do not detract from it.

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Italian Designs Home Elevators Company

International Safety Certifications

The motto of Elite Elevators Corporation and TK Access Solutions is 'Safety is in our DNA'. We know that the safety of the passengers riding our home elevators is no laughing matter. When our customers purchase our home elevators, they place their safety in our hands. When they step into our home elevators and use them regularly, they are placing their complete trust and confidence in the strength and safety of our mechanisms. That is why we go above and beyond to design mechanisms that do not let our customers down or question if their trust in us was ever misplaced.

Our home elevators have been engineered to be the safest in the world. Complying with over 194 parameters of safety, they place a great deal of emphasis on passenger safety. Certified as safe by TUV SUD, Germany, our home elevators rank high on quality, safety and reliability. They are also certified by Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 - a level that is usually reserved for nuclear power plants. The certifications from these independent international regulatory bodies denote that our home elevators adhere to stringent home elevator safety standards. Additionally, our home lifts are European home safety code compliant. They follow the guidelines and regulations as mandated by machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. This code compliance means that our home lifts are safe for use and sale in homes across Europe.

The Lap of Luxury

The futuristic German technology and exquisite Italian design blend to offer users maximum sophistication. This addictive pairing lends our residential lifts the most luxurious experience ever. From our compact residential lifts to our hydraulic lifts and gearless residential lifts, the experience you get is all-indulgent comfort and premium convenience.

5 Embedded Safety Layers

Getting stranded between floors due to a power or mechanical failure causes panic in users. To put these fears to rest and to ensure that our customers are always safe, the engineers at TK Access Solutions have designed not one but five safety layers that are embedded in our home lifts. Each layer functions as a backup for the other if one or more were to unexpectedly fail. The most reassuring bit about our safety layers is that they can be accessed by the users themselves. Some safety functions are activated automatically while others need to be activated manually. Either way, their reliability and functionality are uncompromised.

Layer 1 - Primary Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

This ARD is automatically switched on when there is a power failure or outage. To supplement the resulting loss in electricity, the ARD powers the motor of the home lift until the power comes back on.

Layer 2 - Secondary Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

If the primary ARD fails, the secondary ARD powers on automatically. This device supplies electricity to the lift's motor until the power returns.

Layer 3 - Mechanical Button

If the above methods fail, users can access the mechanical button that is placed on the power pack of the home lift. When pressed, the home lift will descend to the desired level.

Layer 4 - Mechanical Key

Every home lift from our range comes with a mechanical key. If the above three methods do not work, users can use this key to exit the home lift. The key can be used to open the doors of the home lift.

Layer 5 - Trapdoor

Even if the four safety layers from above fail, there is still an avenue that has been designed for users to exit the home lift. Every home lift is outfitted with a trapdoor on top. If push comes to shove, users can exit from this trapdoor.

Patented & Original Technologies

There is a reason for the uniquely rich and lush experience that our residential lifts offer. It is none other than the fourteen patented technologies plus the drive systems that accelerate our residential lifts. TK Access Solutions has pioneered modern elevator technologies for the past six decades. The platform lift and the accompanying spindle technology in our E100 residential lift is an original creation from our partner. The enhanced hydraulic drive in the E200 hydraulic lift has been engineered to have none of the inconveniences of regular hydraulic lifts. And lastly, the patented CogBelt technology in the E300 residential lift is so advanced that it is 7 years ahead of other lifts globally.

As for the fourteen patented mechanisms, they have been added to the residential lifts to enhance their performance. The patented Greaseless Rail technology, the MagLev switches and the Soft Start and Stop devices have made our residential lifts low maintenance and offer a perfectly level landing with an ultra-smooth performance. The presence of these patented and original technologies are what makes our residential lifts so wonderful.

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Hear From our Happy Clients

Mike Schneider

Terrific product & great service. The lift came with our new home and it's a fantastic way to move people and things & the service provided is excellent

Ted Brincat

German design, Italian built and Australian installation to a high standard.

James Clark

Great customer service, Josh is very easy to deal with a very streamline process of purchasing a lift for our home. Heard of the company via word of mouth and very happy I chose Elite elevators for my house. very luxury finish and great technology.

Bryan Clements

Lift installed by Jack Venter of Vast Elevators. Excellent tradesman, communication, attention to detail, care of property, courtesy. Our builder stated 'I would work with him any time. And he really knows his stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Elevators Corporation is the best home lift company in Geelong. They offer German home lifts from TK Access Solutions. Their home lifts are a combination of skilful engineering and breathtaking design. The company's home lifts are among the safest in the world with certifications from TUV SUD and SIL 3.
Elite Elevators Corporation offers the best hydraulic lifts for homes in Geelong. Enhanced to have none of the unpleasant attributes of a conventional hydraulic lift, the company's hydraulic lifts offer a smooth, bump-free and noiseless performance.

Elite Elevators Corporation has the safest home lifts in Geelong. Their home lifts were awarded the 'World's Safest Home Elevators' title in 2021. Every home lift from the company's premium range has 5 safety layers and is certified by TUV SUD and SIL 3. Additionally, they are European home safety code-compliant with codes such as machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41.

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