Compact home lifts price Australia

For the people living with mobility issues, home lifts are a good and long-term investment that allows them to access each corner of a compact home without using the stairs. But how much do compact home lifts price Australia?

Many factors are involved in the pricing of home lifts in Australia, such as new buildings, renovations, or existing living spaces; home lift prices vary. So, before deciding to purchase, it is a good rule that you should understand home lift prices and the services for installation.

Factors for Home lift prices Australia

There are several factors for home lift prices Australia, such as lift type, type of drive system, doors and gate types, stops and travel distance, and type of finish.

Types of Compact home lifts

Elite Elevator is one of the trusted and reliable companies introducing modern styled and featured compact lifts for the home. We are offering three significant types of home lifts.

E100 Compact home lift

Our E100 compact home lifts ensure a smooth ride and offer you choices of elegant styles. It brings a beautiful touch of luxury living to apartment buildings, estates, townhouses, and homes.

Key Features

  • Ensures energy-efficient operations
  • Equipped with smooth start and stop features
  • Friendly Installation
  • Flexible lift sizes
  • Multiple ranges of wall & cabin and Shaft finishes

E200 compact home lift

Our E200 compact home lifts are designed for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. It is supported by hydraulic technology that ensures a smooth and safe ride. There is no need for machine rooms or bulky motors to run the H200 home lift.

Key Features

  • SIL 3 certified
  • Low headroom and pit requirements
  • Compatible with single-Phase power supply
  • Equipped with 14 unique patented technologies
  • No bulky motors or machine room required

E300 compact home lift

In collaboration with TK Access Solutions, introduce an E300 compact home lift equipped with advanced technological features to ensure high-quality performance. The lifts work awesomely; they are quieter than a pin drop. They are very best in styles, features, and comfort. H300 compact home lifts price Australia is affordable, and its design is designed to match every home.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Single-phase power
  • No maintenance requirements
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Equipped with advanced technology features
  • Ensure a quiet and comfortable ride

Type of Drive System


With the support of TK Access Solutions, Elite Elevators introduces the world’s most advanced home lift solution. We have hydraulic elevators that are luxurious, elegant, and redefined comfort.


Our Gearless home lift prices Australia come with compact motors that provide high torque to make them highly efficient and completely remove the complex gearing needs and built-in machine rooms.

Type of Door and Gate

Compact home lifts price Australia are available in a variety of gate and door options. Manual and Automated gate and door options are available. Automated options are more costly than manual.

Type of Finish

The type of finish also affects the price of home lifts in Australia. Several options include wood veneer, glass, mirror, melamine, and décor complimentary millwork.


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Elite Elevator is the most-trusted option for compact home lifts in Australia. You will get everything that you must need for satisfaction. Elite Elevator offers affordable compact home lifts prices Australia. You will find satisfactory features, safety, and style for home lifts at Elite Elevator.

If you want to know more about Elite Elevator Australia, please visit our website or call us at 1300-319-878.

Compact home lifts price Australia


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