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Elite Elevators Corporation offers a range of Home lifestyle elevators satisfying any architectural needs and offers products that can suit any person’s budget.
“The Gong” or Wollongong, is a city near seaside located in the Illawarra region. It is a coastal region located in the South of Sydney. Moreover. Illawarra is the 10th largest city in Australia and the third biggest city of New South Wales.
Furthermore, Gong liest on the small coastal line between the Pacific Ocean and the Illawarra Escarpment, along with the metropolitan region expanding from Helensburgh located in the North to Shell Cove that is in the South.
Elite elevator’s professional staff is always willing to help its valuable customers. Our team offers home lift solutions to its customers living in the Gong region.
Specially designed for the Australian market, our company incorporates modern and stylish Residential lifts for a modern house. We can also personalize the finishes of a lift to suit a new home design and look.
Elite elevators efficiently collaborate with architects, consultants, designers, builders and most importantly, with house owners to ensure them that you will achieve the same outcome that you are seeking.
Home lifts were designed with the motive to provide a comfortable travel to its customers inside their own homes. These homes lifts were then made available in various Types and innovative designs.
Many property owners in the Gong metropolitan area have already installed one of our best lifts and are gaining advantage from them. Residential elevators help disabled or paralyzed people to move between the levels of their house.
Using domestic home lifts, any person can travel between floors in just 30 seconds. Our lifts are airy and spacious with many other unique features that include swing doors, up to 6 floors, no machine room, and small space required for installation, Emergency backup system, and operates by continuous pressure buttons.
Our lifts are energy efficient. You can turn them on by plugging them into any Power switch.
Our residential elevators are elegant and practical. Home lifts naturally blend with the customer’s home decor because it was designed according to the customer’s need.

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