Home lifts Melbourne

At Elite Elevators, we offer a range of home lifts suitable for a residential property. Whether you are living in a single dwelling house or a private residence, you can find the best home lifts Melbourne at Elite Elevators.

Indeed, adding life to your house may not be as expensive as you imagine. Though home lifts are not as common as the ones installed in commercial spaces, they still offer a lot of benefits. Our home elevators come with shafts that can be installed on the outside of your residential property. It can help save both time and money. Most importantly, we have put together a team of expert craftsmen to install home lifts professionally. No doubt, home Lifts in Melbourne can add significant value to the property.

Elite Elevators is well-known for offering a range of high-quality products such as H100 and H200. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge to meet the customers’ needs. Also, we ensure they get premium quality products for a reasonable price. At Elite Elevators, you will find a variety of home lifts so you can choose something to your liking. Furthermore, our experienced team can help you select the most suitable home lift for your property.

3 Reasons for Considering a Home Lift


Indeed, safety is the foremost reason for considering a home lift solution. Most people opt for home lifts to keep the elderly safe at home. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, falls account for more than 1300 deaths per year. No doubt, a potential hazard is present for all kinds of people, from toddlers to the elderly.
Elite Elevators offers the best solution to all your home elevator needs. Our latest house lifts in Melbourne are easy to use and reliable. If an elderly person lives alone, we present a much safer option and give the owner peace of mind.

Aesthetic Appeal

Most people often want to install a home lift to improve the overall look and feel of their house. Indeed, home lifts are a great way to add aesthetic appeal. High-quality, modern home elevators at Elite Elevators can take the impression of the house to the whole next level.


Home lifts are more convenient compared to stairs. All of our models offer a lot faster home lift experience. Moreover, we offer space-efficient home lifts to best suit your home needs. Convenience is one of the major reasons for installing a home lift.

Why Choose Elite Elevators?

At Elite Elevators, we have the best solution to any elevator problem in a residential environment. Our highly skilled team has all the skills and tools required to install, repair or maintain home lifts. As discussed above, there are several reasons homeowners might need a home lift.
Here is what makes Elite Elevators the best seller of home lifts Melbourne.

Full Service

As the leading manufacturer of home lifts, Elite Elevators offers a full service. Our service includes manufacturing, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Quick installation

Elite Elevators offer quick and seamless home lift installation.


All of our products meet strict safety standards to ensure customers get the best quality products

Latest Technology

Elite Elevators offers high-quality home lifts made with cutting-edge technology.


Every member of our team has years of experience in the elevator industry.

Want to see various options available at Elite Elevators? Call us today to see a range of home lifts in Melbourne. One of our experienced consultants will help you choose the right lift for your home. Get in touch with us today to know more about our home elevators.

Home lifts Melbourne

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