Residential lifts in Victoria

Residential lifts in Victoria that are quite contrary to the lifts used in the commercial buildings of Australia are manufactured by the TKE , a German based Engineering technology. These modern and innovative models of home lifts are supplied in the cities of Australia including Victoria, Tasmania, Canberra and Brisbane by the Elite Elevators Corporation, Pty Ltd in Australia. These elevators suit the ultimate need of the people to satisfy their households and protect them from the risk of climbing the stairs often.

Residential lifts in Victoria of TKE follow the European Standards of Home lifts. These home lifts are installed in existing homes and also positioned easily in a new home. The manufacturers of home lifts have been in existence for more than 200 years and thus are reliable when compared to its competitors. The home elevators that are supplied by the Elite elevators are suitable for any type of home. The Elite elevators are popular in the market of elevators within a short period of time because of its epitome of comfort and luxury. These luxurious home lifts are awarded the World’s Safest home lifts. These residential elevators operate with the permanent magnet technology with high efficiency and high torque.

There are various designs of home elevators that can be fit both indoors and outdoors. Apart from the various advantages and the safety features of these elevators, they are sleek and elegant in their designs. one feels proud and adds elegance to their homes by installing this world class technology in their homes. The Elite elevators thus add more value to the property in which it is installed. The installation of home elevators in our homes thus provides us safety and comfort at the same time.

The right time to choose your elevator from the World’s Safest Elevator designs!

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