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TK Access Solutions is a global leader in the Elevator and Escalator industry and it was founded in 1811, Essen, Germany. Prior to Thyssen and Krupp’s merger in 1999, Thyssen had a long history of involvement in Australian projects. The company played a significant role in Australia’s industrial development. TK Access Solutions has a long heritage with the Australian mining industry, supply of process technologies to heavy industries, spare parts and service, supplying of sophisticated equipment etc. which dates back to the 1980s.

TK Access Solutions is one the largest business conglomerates of the world and has 50000 employees, 1000 branch offices in more than 80 countries as well as production sites in Italy and R&D facilities around the world. TK Access Solutions has become one of the world’s leading provider of Residential elevators as well as Commercial elevators and are committed to deliver safe and quality customer experience. TK Access Solutions manufactures, installs, provides service, and modernizes Elevators and Escalators for almost every type of building requirement across the world.

TK Access Solutions Elevators and Engineering, that keeps the world moving, is committed to working together to make cities the best places to live. At TK Access Solutions, their mission is to improve the flow of urban life. They understand people, their flow in and between buildings and thus making people’s journey safe, convenient and reliable. Unlike most of the lift companies in Australia, TK Access Solutions manufactures the product that they sell, providing a very short lead time on the availability of parts now and into the future and thus a solution to fit exact requirements of Customers.

TK Access Solutions has a strong presence in various segments and well-known buildings throughout the globe, including Residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Airports, Shopping centres/Retail establishments. Drawing on this strong culture and legacy of innovation, TK Access Solutions continues to drive forward new systems and technologies aimed at anticipating the world’s needs for future mobility and improving the quality of life.

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