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Realize the Importance of your Elevator

You already know the benefit of getting an elevator installed at your home; Convenience of mobility; Increases property value; Reduces the risk of using stairs for Elders and as Style statement.

We take the benefits of installing an elevator at your home in AUSTRALIA, one step further. Our elevator specialist can help you fully realize the need of a certified home elevator. Rather than just selling you an elevator, we go to great lengths in using our expertise to ensure you get the best value possible.

Build With Experience

With a history of over 200 years of establishment, Thyssenkrupp is one of the largest company pioneers in steel, automotive technology, elevator systems, marine systems, ship building, etc.

Home elevator need to be completely safe, so our Thyssenkrupp Home Elevators are certified by TUV and complies to Machine directive 2006 42 EC & En 81 – 41. This code looks into 194 parameters of safety which is strictly followed in all the developed countries.

Looking for a Home Elevator for your existing property?

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Installing Home Elevators, Made Easy

At Elite Elevators Corporation Pty Ltd you’ll have a specialist team of Sales, Operations and Technicians on your side with a single focus of delivering your project on time and up to the specifications.

As our Elevators come in CKD (Completely Knocked Down Units), our engineers spend very less time in installation. It is more like a Plug’n’Play model, due to the non-existence of welding, taping and ducting. Thyssenkrupp home Elevators have the best built quality. Few of our models feature zero civil work feature as well.

Maximize The Value
Of Your Home

At Elite Elevators Corporation Pty Ltd we’ll work with you to explore what is feasible at your home and deliver the Elevator which best suits your requirement.

By taking the time to get to know your requirement, we can ensure the product maximizes the potential of your property. Our intention is to deliver the world’s safest elevators for the best possible price.

Installations by Elite Elevators

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Images depict upgrade items (including choice of the Customer) and items not supplied by Elite Elevators (namely such as Interior Decoration, Furnishing, Landscaping, Lightings, Water features, Paths and Flooring).

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Get Your Elevator Delivered without Compromise

Our clients know this, which is why most of our sales is only through reference.
By choosing Home Elevators from ThyssenKrupp, you’re choosing experience and guaranteed delivery by partnering with the World’s Safest Home Elevator.

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