Planning an Elevator

Nowadays, Home Elevators have innumerable options that allow you to customize your own color, designs and texture. Home elevators should be elegant and at the same time, it should give you 100% comfort and safety. The process of choosing the best elevator for residence requires proper planning and clear thoughts. But no matter what kind of elevator you plan to add, here’s some advice for planning and designing elevator systems for the home.

  1.  Certification:The advancement in the field of technology is evident with the manufacturing of many types of home elevators available in the market. Every Homeowner should be aware about the product’s certification like Machine Directive 2006 42 EC Certification and TUV certification and should demand the same from Elevator company.
  2. ARD Compliance: Before coming to the elevator’s design, color and texture, always think about the safety side of it. There is a misconception between the home owners that a single Automatic Rescue Device(ARD) in case of a power failure, should be sufficient enough for safety. But, the truth is 3 in 20 or 15% chance that the ARD will cease to operate when required, this means if someone is stuck inside the Elevator then he/she will have to wait for the technician to come. Depending on why your elevator is being installed, you may also need to consider ARD compliance.
  3.  Speed: Whichever kind of elevator you choose, the speed should not be more than 0.15m/s and follows the European Home Elevator safety code – Machine Directive 2006 42 EC.
  4.  Compulsory Interiors: Another planning consideration involves the certified Home Lift needs to have compulsory interiors like telephone, Light, Handrails, etc. as a compulsory option and not as a good to have option.
  5. Trap doors: Another important thing is the entry/exit configuration of the elevator has to do with both the planning and the design of your elevator. Trap door is one of the most important safety rescue features in an elevator and anyone can depend on it as the final step to exit from the elevator.

Before you take the first step of inquiring about a residential elevator; fix the budget, space and find out the exact need. Elite Elevators in Australia provides the TUV certified home elevators that follows Machine Directive 2006 42 EC and stay unique with the distinctive safety products.  At Elite Elevators we like to take care of as much of this process as we can to make it as hassle-free for the homeowner as possible.

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